Agenda AgriNL

AgriNL is a vital collaboration between the largest companies in the national and international food chains, operating out of the Netherlands. We are united behind one shared ambition: To secure green, healthy, and trustworthy food chains. By working together, we contribute to an Agrifood sector that is socially responsible and valued, whilst it fulfills its critical role in the Dutch, European, and global Agrifood chains.

Our activities have three focal points:

  • To establish green, healthy, and trustworthy food chains throughout the Netherlands, Europe, and the wider world.
  • To continue establishing an authentic relationship with society.
  • To strengthen the integrated network and leadership in the sector.


We are not an advocacy or lobbying organization. The sector unites to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by spearheading the four most important chain values of: (1) social acceptance, (2) sustainable environmental design, (3) international potential, and (4) efficient use of raw materials in combination with entrepreneurship.